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Two CDs. In the history of Jazz music, there is only one bandleader that has the distinction of having his orchestra still performing sold out concerts all over the world, with members personally chosen by him, for over 30 years after his passing. Pianist and bandleader, William James "Count" Basie was and still is an American institution that personifies the grandeur and the excellence of Jazz. Today, The Count Basie Orchestra today, is directed by Scotty Barnhart, and has won every respected poll in the world at least once, won 18 Grammy Awards, performed for kings, queens, and other world royalty, appeared in several movies, tv shows, at every major Jazz festival and major concert hall in the world. 

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It's A Good Thing

Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis' album combines swinging arrangements of American great pop hits and standards blended with his smooth baritone vocals. Unity Music Foundations first offering is a celebration of a world class voice with some of the worlds greatest music.  

The World of Jazz Trumpet

A Comprehensive History and Practical Philosophy -Scotty Barnhart


 Acclaimed jazz trumpet soloist Scotty Barnhart examines the political, social and musical conditions that led to the creation of jazz as America's premier art form. He traces the many factors that enabled freed slaves and their descendants to merge the blues, gospel, classical marches, and African rhythms to create a timeless and profound art that, since its inception, circa 1900, continues to have a major impact on all music. The World of Jazz Trumpet is a must-have study of the jazz trumpet for students, instructors, and professional musicians, as well as for anyone who appreciates the genre. Readers will appreciate Barnhart's personal and professional connection to a major part of American and world history. This book fills a major void in the world of jazz education as well as in general music education. With entries on 800 trumpeters, it is destined to become required reading in thousands of colleges, schools and homes around the world.