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The unique thing about Jazz music is that that Jazz is best when it incorporates the art of improvisation.  Ultimately, Jazz is most influential when great Vibe is cultivated and transferred from the musicians to the audience.    The two groups ultimately become one with the beat as they move to the music.

Much like Jazz, our desire is to have the Unity Music Foundation be the catalyst or relational glue between musicians, audience members and the marginalized members of society.  Music really does act as the key to opening the doors to meaningful relationships.  

Its easy to join our family and together, we can change the world!

jazz in a world of despair

unity music goes to prison

In 2009 & 2010, we performed at Angola State Prison in Louisiana, once known for being the harshest prison in America.

Jamie and Greg were surrounded by the Basie Jazz Ensemble and other talented jazz musicians and singers. We poured ourselves into the 7,000 lifers that reside at Angola, including personally visiting death row inmates.

The engagement changed lives . . . including ours! We discovered that music possesses the keys that open hearts and minds (and even prison cells) where other approaches don’t work. Greg used his incredible expertise and from those two performances came a new recording coupled with a DVD documentary that we entitled, Free on the Inside. There are only a few copies left of this special edition recording. Contact us to purchase.